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Kalani Oceanside Retreat is located on the Big Island, south of the city of Hilo. Mauna Kea is an easy drive from Kalani.

Kalani is an off-the-beaten-path retreat offering funky, rustic accommodations in a jungle setting. Unlike the larger, modern almost sterile resorts you might find in Kona, Kalani offers charm and character—it's the type of place where you walk across a quiet two-lane country road to an ocean cliff and search for sea turtles or breaching humpback whales, or simply ponder quietly beneath a palm tree, undisturbed by others. Kalani offers three sumptuous and nutritious all-you-can eat buffet meals each day.

Kalani makes an excellent base from which you can experience the beauty and Aloha of Hawaii, and the magnificence of our nightly skies.

Two stargazing options are available at Kalani:

  •   An Evening of Stargazing — Join me for just an evening of stargazing or for a workshop on astronomy basics followed by stargazing. (call for details)
  •   A Customized Retreat-Contact me to create and schedule a retreat of your choosing.


"The Point" at Kalani is an excellent place for whale-watching and STARGAZING!













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