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  It was a wonderful time on deck 10 and your wonderful instruction about the southern sky.
We are also interested in travelling with you next year.

e-mail from IB & J B from Berlin (above)


  >I am so happy Holland America realizes what a treasure you are!  I have
>raved about you to everyone I know.  You were the highlight of my trip to
>Tahiti and I thank you for the love of the night skies you instilled in

 e-mail from SR


  You were the highlight of the cruise for me.
I think kindly about you every day when I get my Universe Today in the e-mail, which I learned about
from you. 

e-mail  from PS


  But I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed stargazing and wanted to thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing.
I'm still looking for a chart so I can enjoy and learn what stars I am seeing when I go up to our place in the Sierra mountains.

 e-mail from AZ 


  Your presentations were wonderful!!!!

e mail from PS


  Your presentations are far superior: more interesting, more entertaining

letter from HG


  >I will make a wish on the first star I see that you are asked to go on
>this cruise as the resident stargazer extraordinaire.  :)
>Here is a link for the trip in case you want to drop a hint to Holland

e-mail from SR

  >I shall be like Ann and identify myself as the lady in the purple    
>'Hooked on the Stars', hat.  Yes, we have been watching
>Jupiter---and  remembering the southern cross ----and thinking of
>you on the Alaska  cruise!!  

e-mail from RT


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