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So, who is this HAL guy, and why do you go cruising with him all the time?????


 Well, HAL is actually Holland America Line. Their service and cuisine are second to none, and they have some very interesting routes such as Tahiti, Panama and Africa that    you can't find just anywhere.

 Out on the oceans of the world, there is no stray light from shopping malls and billboards to mask the beauties of the sky. Yes, the Milky Way is still out there, and our friend HAL takes us to the places where you can still see it!

 We conduct entertaining stargazing workshops during the sea days of the cruise. Most every night finds us on the uppermost deck above the bridge pointing out the wonders of the heavens that we talked about that day in the workshop. Then we slip downstairs one flight to the Crow's Nest for a night cap and some pleasant conversation.

 Sail with the Star Lady and by the end of the cruise you will have made some new friends (both celestial and human), reconnected with the magnificence of the universe, and developed a passion for the night sky!

 (above: Ingrid, Jochen, Mary and Patricia sporting their 'Hooked on the Stars' necklaces. Tahiti 2006)


 You never can tell where we will pop up next:

  •  Honolulu to San Diego March 12, 2005

  •  San Diego to Hawaii to Tahiti January 3, 2006

  •  Honolulu to San Diego March 18, 2006

  •  Fort Lauderdale to Panama Canal to Seattle April 26, 2006

  •  Lisbon to Cape Town October 17, 2006

  •  Honolulu to San Diego January 11, 2007

  •  San Diego to Hawaii to Tahiti January 22, 2007

  •  Grand Mediterranean and North Africa Cadiz to Malta April 2, 2007

  •  Panama Repositioning Cruise April 22, 2007

  •  Scandinavian Capitals August 2, 2007

  •  Fall Panama Canal Cruise October 3, 2007

  • San Diego to Hawaii to Tahiti January 6, 2008


 If you would like to join us, here are our upcoming cruises:

  •  Spring Panama Cruise 2008

  •  Fall Panama Amazon Cruise 2008

 For further information e mail us at!


 Below: a perfect day from our April 2006 Panama transit cruise on the ms Westerdam:




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