Hawaii - Mauna Kea


Hawaii - Mauna Kea
Hawaii - Kalani



(above) Here is the Star Lady  in her role as a volunteer at the Visitor Information Center at  Mauna Kea, standing on the balcony of the "Hawaii 88" (University of Hawaii 2.2 metres) Observatory pointing towards the "Gemini North" Telescope (8 metres) with the CFHT (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) (3.6 metres) in the background at the left.


You, too, can stargaze from the summit via their webcams



(above) At the Visitors' Centre, The Star Lady is seasonally involved with the public education program. This includes naked eye star tours and attending to  the 16" Meade SCT. Here (somewhat bedraggled due to the mountain winds) is the Star Lady with the 16" Meade SCT.

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