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Hi!  I'm Donna - and I'm really looking forward to sharing with you my passion for the night sky!

After a long and varied career presenting innovative workshops for students and teachers, I'm focusing on my childhood passion, astronomy. Once a teacher and educational columnist on the forefront of integrating computers into the classrooms of Toronto, I now host sky tours seasonally at the Visitor Center on Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and internationally on the ships of Holland America.


Allow me to integrate the wonders of the night sky in to your vacation adventure--join me in an introductory exploration of the heavens.

Prepare to be informed, challenged, and dazzled by the night skies.



Donna a.k.a ."The Star Lady" in Hilo, Hawaii en route to Tahiti

Behind, the ms Amsterdam on which she was facilitating stargazing workshops.

E-Mail "The Star Lady" at:  donna@stargazing.ca


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